Forerunner to Intelligent Shipping

Technologies for the next generation of maritime industry

Pilot MASS Ship

Self-navigating Container Ship “Zhifei”
•Decision Support
•Remote Control
•Autonomous Navigation

Pilot Company

NAVIGATION BRILLIANCE is appointed as a pilot unit for “Building a Strong Transportation Country”

Pilot Project

NAVIGATION BRILLIANCE is included in the first batch of “Pilot Projects for Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Shipping” by the Ministry of Transport.

Enhance the efficiency, sustainability and resilience of maritime industry

Integrated MASS Solutions & Modular Products

Build up technology for the future waterborne industry

Self-reliant, Massive Data

Develop competence through whole-process commercial operation of autonomous navigating vessels

The first enterprise in China to launch Remote Control Center (RCC) for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS)

Algorithms powered by real-ship intelligent navigating data

Multi-source heterogeneous information fusion of sensor data

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