Intelligent Navigation Solutions

Autonomous Navigation Solutions
Electrical Unmanned Boat Solutions
Smart Port Solutions
AIS Emergency Response System
ISR Labs

Navigation Assistance System

Navigation decision support based on data fusion, COLREGS rules and good seamanship

Route planning
Navigation decision support
Collision avoidance support
3D reconstruction of the surrounding
Assist in navigating in the fog
Real-time monitoring of ship conditions

Autonomous Navigation System

Algorithm empowered by massive and exclusive real-ship autonomous navigation data

Autonomous navigation
Adaptive cruise control (ACC)
Autonomous collision avoidance
Autonomous berthing and unberthing
Autonomous Anchoring
Suitable for both newbuilding and
retrofitting ships

Remote-control Navigation System

Pioneer for new navigation mode

Real-time data return of navigation
Reconstruction of multidimensional
Remote monitoring of ship equipment
Accident warning

Intelligent Navigation Chart

Empowering various maritime operations

Display of traditional ECDIS
Customed target editing and pinning
Reconstruction of multidimensional
environment informationrmation reconstruction
Massive High-performance Data

360PLUS Enhanced Vision System

360°Plus panoramic imaging for ship
Distortion-free, full coverage
Berthing and unberthing:
active warning for blind spots
Remote operation: Real-time visual
“Port Duty”: Multi-angle surveillance
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