AIS Personnel Emergency Search and Rescue System

Autonomous Navigation Solutions
Electrical Unmanned Boat Solutions
Smart Port Solutions
AIS Emergency Response System
ISR Labs
Outcome of the “National Science and Technology Support Program”
First Prize of Technical Invention Award by China Institute of Navigation
Standard Formulation: Technical Standard for Waterborne Life Detection and Search System Based on AIS Technology
The First AIS Search and Rescue Indicator in China Certified by CCS


Supports both manual alarm and
automatic alarm in case of water
Support Beidou and GPS dual-mode
Active distress alarm, real-time
positioning and rapid response
Rescue information can reach all AIS
receivers within 4 NM

AIS Rescue Command Platform

A multifunctional and comprehensive maritime search and rescue command platform for “Receiving-Warning-Command”

Emergency rapid response
Accurate positioning on the nautical
Rapid and automatic generation of
search and rescue plan

AIS RescueBot

Automatic positioning and autonomous
navigation towards the rescue target
Easy to use, high buoyancy and high speed
Automatic heating and one-key return,
maximize the protection for people in distress
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